Monday, May 20, 2013

New beginning

I guess this is a good time to start this blog thing once again, more than just share with the world, it is so I can  keep these memories for ever.
This will be changing a LOT in my life, after a lifetime of working (lol I'm only 24 and began working at 16) I will be transitioning to be a stay at home mamma to my two beautiful babes, my 3yr old handsome young man and my 1yr old beautiful young lady.
Things haven't been what they used to be, little girl has been getting sooo sick every other week, with what the Drs will describe as daycare syndrome, one virus after another, and the guilt has been enormous, it goes both ways at work and with the kids, so I feel guilty if I go to work and I feel guilty if I stay at home. People keep saying this is temporary however this is one temporary thing followed by another temporary thing that it is making it "long term".
Therefore, after weighting in the pros and cons I decided it is time, honestly I have my doubts and fear, there is so much to consider, but deep inside I believe we are making the right move, I have to commit 100% to something and they will always be my priority.
So this blog (if I can keep this up) will be my way to document this journey from being a full time working mamma to a stay at home mamma.
and to remember me daily that there is always something to be thankful for.

If anyone has done this transition, how was it for you? How did your kids adapt? what was some of the things you did to make sure your kids had kid interaction? What did you do to have adult interaction?
How did you prepare your kids to school? Did you use any curriculum or did you just taught them daily activities without stressing on ABCs and 123s?

Hope you can stick around and help me through this new beginning.

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